Richard Kroening
Gain the Competitive Edge!

When you put your home on the market, your goal
is to get it sold - in the shortest amount of time,
for the most amount of money.

By presenting the "Model Home" for your
property listing, home staging can help you
achieve that goal.

What home staging does is really quite simple -
it allows potential buyers to actually see themselves living in the home.

Most real estate professionals will tell you, the decision to buy -
this home and not that home - is, at its core, an emotional decision.
To buyers, the home needs to feel like their own - not someone else's.
Staging helps buyers to make that connection - to feel "At Home"!

Once reserved only for high-end properties, professional home staging
has proven effective for marketing homes in every price range.
According to statistics, homes that are staged sell in less time
and at a higher price than those that are not.
Staging distinguishes your property from the competition.

Home staging is more than just decorating ... it's marketing -
your home and each of its rooms. The best features are highlighted,
less desirable attributes minimized. Your home is presented
as a product to be purchased, each space deliberately designed -
or re-designed - to influence the decision to "buy".

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